DRV Duisburger Rohstoffverwertung GmbH

Recycling material

The DRV Duisburger Rohstoffverwertung GmbH was founded in 2007 in order to acquire raw materials for the Chinese market throughout Europe and in the meantime to prepare materials in Germany independently with partner companies.

Increasingly, they have specialized in materials plastics from the dual system, so that today is one of the leading processors for plastics from the dual systems for the Chinese market. Likewise, plastics from commercial sources are processed in our plants material.

In this way we are able to cover the whole range of system materials up to commercial materials and guarantee comprehensive consulting and approval for our customers.

  • Environmental protection and occupational safety are a priority for us and are supported financially by DRV Duisburger Rohstoffverwertung GmbH from Germany.
  • Further projects are already planned for the future, which highlight our commitment for a clean environment. 
  • DRV Duisburger Rohstoffverwertung GmbH works according to a clear QM system so that precise processing and verification are guaranteed.
  • The team at DRV Duisburger Rohstoffverwertung GmbH is convinced that it is contributing a small part towards preserving resources and worldwide international understanding.
  • Reliability, safety and openness is our business intention. We attempt to live and further expand these qualities in our daily business transactions with our customers


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